Two ES6 features that help with CommonJS modules

[2017-03-26] dev, javascript, esnext, commonjs, nodejs

The new 2ality blog setup: statically generated via isomorphic React, hosted on Amazon S3

[2017-03-21] dev, javascript, nodejs, static site generation, 2ality

ES proposal: arbitrary precision integers

[2017-03-19] dev, javascript, esnext, es proposal, numbers

Exercise: text as Unicode clock faces

[2017-03-15] dev, javascript, unicode

Feature watch: ECMAScript 2018

[2017-02-28] dev, javascript, esnext, es proposal

babel-preset-env: a preset that configures Babel for you

[2017-02-22] esnext, dev, javascript, babel

ES proposal: Shared memory and atomics

[2017-01-26] dev, javascript, esnext, es proposal, concurrency

Making transpiled ES modules more spec-compliant

[2017-01-20] dev, javascript, esnext, babel, jsmodules

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